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Scope and application this document provides instructions to ensure safe and accurate bedside hemoglobin measurement using the hemocue 301 system. However, the regulatory framework for approval, implementation and. This procedure describes the different steps to obtain the result. Pdf in south africa, various pointofcare hemoglobin meters are used.

Only use hemocue hb 301 microcuvettes in the hemocue hb 301 analyzer. Measurement of haemoglobin using the hemocue device in. Download fulltext pdf download fulltext pdf download fulltext pdf hemoglobin estimation by the hemocue portable hemoglobin photometer in a resource poor setting. Instrument maintenance and quality controls must be performed monthly prior to patient testing. Hemocue has been a leader in pointofcare medical diagnostics for over 30 years. For further information regarding our products and services, please visit the hemocue america. Refer to the hemocue operators manual for complete instructions on how to analyze a control material. The hemocue learning solutions meet the needs of most practitioners, regardless of travel. Hemocue hb 201 method and sample collection method iecbe.

Here youll find multimedia video presentations, informative online seminars, and useful resources for download. The hemocue hb 201 microcuvettes are intended for use in the hemocue hb 201 analyzer, hemocue hb 201 analyzer and hemocue hb 201 dm analyzer. This manual provides the basic instructions for use as well as technical specifications. We compared haemoglobin values obtained by the hemocue system with those from the coulter counter splus iv in 366 pregnant women in urban jamaica, and found a highly significant correlation r 0. Capillary, venous or arterial whole blood may be used. The hemocue hb 301 system provides quick and easy access to labquality results in three seconds or less.

Hemocue hb 201 dm testing is considered a waived test according to the fda 5. In blood donations, the semiquantitative gravimetric copper sulfate method which is very easy and inexpensive may be used but does not provide an acceptable degree of accuracy. Sustainability of anaemia testing with the hemocue hb 301 device 23 6. Absorbance measurement of whole blood at an hbhbo2 isobestic point. Pdf hemocue, an accurate bedside method of hemoglobin. Operating manual bedienungsanleitung manuel dutilisation. Diagnostic accuracy of the hemocue hb 301, statsite mhgb and. Pdf evaluate the accuracy of this bedside method to determine hemoglobin hb concentration. Thats why we have poured our 30 years of experience and knowledge into our hemocue learning center, for you to have quick access to essential training and current best practices. The hemocue hb 201 microcuvette is for in vitro diagnostic use only. At hemocue, our dedication to training helps health care professionals stay current with the latest advances in the pointofcare testing. For patient testing, prepare analyzer before proceeding. Hb 301 analyzer 121804us hb 301 microcuvettes 200box 111801 mean of icsh results, gdl hb 301 all test method results, gdl hemocue hb 301 vs icsh 10 5 0 15 20 30 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 25 y x hemocue has been a leader in pointofcare medical diagnostics for over 30 years.

The haemoglobin concentration is then displayed as a digital reading, in either gdl or mmoll in 1545 seconds. Hemocue pds configuration tool hemocue 201 dm systems. To prepare the control sample, follow the steps below. In resource poor settings where automated hematology analyzers are not available, the cyanmethemoglobin method is often used. Ideal for hemoglobin measurement in blood bank donation and public health settings. Diagnostic accuracy of the hemocue hb 301, statsite mhgb and urit12 pointofcare hemoglobin meters in a central laboratory and a community based clinic in durban, south africa. Healthcare providers areound the world rely on the immediate results so they can make the right decisons when they need them monst right at the point of care. A vital part of ensuring accurate results is giving healthcare professionals easy access to training and education. Take a new microcuvette and repeat the measurement. Sustainability of anaemia testing with the hemocue hb 301. Looking forward to meet you at exhibitions in which we plan to participate. Optimized for anemia screening in primary care and blood donation settings, the hemocue hb 301 system is a simple and convenient solution. Clean side arm selftest performed high control low control tech. This document provides instructions to ensure safe and accurate bedside hemoglobin measurement using the hemocue 301 system.

We specialize in giving healthcare providers labquality accuracy with results. Hemocue hb 301 system hemocue pdf catalogs technical. Diagnostic accuracy of the hemocue hb 301, statsite mhgb. Quantitative determination of hemoglobin in capillary, venous and arterial whole blood, using a specially designed analyzer, the. A better alternative of hemoglobin estimation in blood donors. Download tools and apps related to hemocue pointofcare solutions. At hemocue we care about you as health care professionals as well as for your patients. Hemocue hb 201 microcuvettes are for in vitro diagnostic use in solid form to avoid dilutional effects. Hemoglobin estimation by the hemocue bmc clinical pathology. Hemocue hb 301 system to learn more about the hemocue hb 301 system, please scan the qrcode with your smartphone or visit hemocue. Hemocue pds configuration tool for current dm users. Make sure that the cuvette holder is replaced properly. The hemocue hb 301 system provides quick, easy access to labquality results without compromising accuracy, even in demanding climates with high temperatures and humidity. Pointofcare anemia screening hemocue hb 301 system.

The pds configuration tool is provided by hemocue to make it easier to configure primary docking stations for the hemocue 201 dm systems. An evaluation of the hemocue for measuring haemoglobin in. Pointofcare testing hemocue 201 dm and dms software. Factory calibrated against the icsh reference method. We assessed the accuracy, as measured by the mean difference bias and 95% limits of agreement, of the hemocue 301, urit12 and statsite m hgb pointofcare hemoglobin meters compared to the laboratory hemoglobin test as a reference using the blandaltman method. Pdf diagnostic accuracy of the hemocue hb 301, statsite. Be confident that when time is of essence and you really need to know, hemocue. The tool is downloadable in a zip file including complete documentation in english. The hemocue haemoglobinometer has established a method for this, but it is considerably more expensive. Hemocue india setting the standard for accuracy in point.

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