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Topic 1 overview of industrial relations ppt video. Good industrial relations are maintained on the basis of cooperation and recognition of each other. Industrial relations also study the laws, rules regulations agreements, awards of courts, customs and traditions, as well as policy framework laid down by the governments for eliciting cooperations between labor and management. May 03, 2018 what has the cipd done for hrm and industrial relations. Microsoft office powerpoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 20 with microsoft windows operating systems compatible with windows xp, vista, windows 7 or windows 8.

The quest for inclusive development, focusses on five countries. Industrial relations got its roots in the industrial revolution and the spread of capitalism which created the modern employment relationship by spawning free labour markets and largescale industrial organizations with thousands of wage workers. Industrial relations may be defined as the relations and interactions in the industry. The concept of industrial relations has been defined using various terminologies, but in the strictest sense, it is essentially the relationship between management and labor. Industrial relations law and legal definition uslegal, inc. Ppt industrial relations powerpoint presentation free to. Object of this lesson is to initiate in to industrial relations management. Free industry powerpoint template free powerpoint templates. Workplace rights and cooperative industrial relations grants program. Industrial relation management notes pdf download archive. Concept, scope and objectives of industrial relations. A survey of union representatives uk steel industry reveals evidence of cooperative industrial relations linked to superior terms and conditions, employee involvement and health and safety outcomes.

As the labour and management do not operate in isolations but are parts of large system, so the study of industrial relation also includes vital environment issues like technology of the workplace, countrys socioeconomic and political environment. School of distance education industrial relations page 5 3. Industrial relations the guiding principles page 5 these authorities and institutions sometimes termed the system have an obligation to protect the community in general and the weak in particular. Search workplace info find the information or insights you need. Ecozone development engineering enterprise environment foreign nationals general forms incentives management.

Automobile industry article pdf available in brookings papers on economic activity 183. Action which the employeeemployer can take in an industrial conflict. Download all 16,681 powerpoint presentation templates unlimited times with a single envato elements subscription. Industrial relations define relationships between employers and employees toward each other in terms of supervision, direction, planning and coordination of organizational activities, with minimal human effort and functions. A discussion on industrial relation considers all these as almost same. It also relates to the stability of the government in power, the risk of major political disturbances, or threats from antisocial elements, terrorists or other countries. The term industrial relations refers to the whole field of relationship that exists because of necessary collaboration of men and women in the employment process of modern industry. The us state influences industrial relations beyond its role as an employer in two main ways. Ppt industrial automation powerpoint presentation free to. Presentation on industrial relations authorstream presentation. Ir may be defined as the complex of inter relations among workers, managers and government. Industrial relations management a free powerpoint ppt presentation displayed as a flash slide show on id.

Denmark and norway were united in a political union for. Mar 01, 2019 how iot will drive the fourth industrial revolution. A book recently published by the ilo looks at the institutionalization of industrial relations in emerging economies and its contribution to development. The need for looking at industrial relations in a broader context has been recognized in academic as well as business circles. Industrial relations does not have a shape of its own.

Regulation of the manner in which organised labour and management relate to each other. Dominant aspects of industrial relations in industrial relations management dominant aspects of industrial relations in industrial relations management courses with reference manuals and examples pdf. This design slide template shows gears, such as in a factory. Downloading and viewing documents office of industrial. However, it fails to find evidence that cooperative industrial relations. The impact of industrial relations practices on employment and unemployment david marsden centre for economic performance, london school of economics, discussion paper no.

It has roots in the economic and social changes occurred from time to time. Industrial relations and collective labour law 91 the historical ties may help explain why an eastnordic bloc and a westnordic bloc are sometimes discernible in the labour and industrial relations systems of these countries. Introduction to industrial relations download ebook pdf. Industrial relations are characterized by both conflict and cooperation. Between 2010 and 2015, waves of strikes broke out in china, brazil, india, turkey and south africa which. Professional ppt free slides are available for quality control personnel, site inspectors and boiler engineers. Background of uk industrial relations the system of industrial relations in the united kingdom uk was traditionally characterized by voluntary relations between the social partners, with a minimal level of interference from the state. The industrial relations director generally has several assistants who help him to perform his functions effectively, and he usually reports directly to the president or chairman of the board of directors of an organization.

Professor mick marchington, manchester university business school, companion on cipd and chief examinermoderator standards. Current topics in industrial and labor relations research. However, the concept of industrial relations has a broader meaning. This is a good useful resource also for advertising powerpoint templates or business backgrounds for powerpoint or business presentation powerpoint templates to master your strategic thinking. Industrial relations pdst professional development. Labors human essence and employment equity are seen as the defining themes of industrial relations. Definition of industrial relations as per dale yoder industrial relations refers to the relationship between management and employees, or employees and their organization, that arise out of. Technology and industrial relations free download as powerpoint presentation. Industrial management core study material pdf download concept, development, application and scope of industrial management. Industrial relation ppt industrial relations trade union. Cordial and peaceful industrial relations between the employees and the employer are highly. Industrial relations environment, therefore, is the resultant state of interaction amongst composites forces operating within and outside the organizations. Definition and evolution of industrial relations rahul gladwin. Industrial relations perspectives, ir in the emerging socioeconomic scenario, industrial relations and the state legal framework, trade unions role and future, discipline and grievance management, negotiation and collective settlement, participative management, employee empowerment, quality management, industrial.

Wage structure of industrial employees in india xls download. Government, for instance, prefers to intervene directly in industrial relations through the use of wage commissions. Industrial relations by national open university of nigeria file type. To help you understand and present the concept in an easy and appealing format, we have prepared an industrial relations powerpoint template. A free powerpoint ppt presentation displayed as a flash slide show on id.

In this lesson we investigate developments in industrial relations that relate to contemporary business. Industrial relations are basically the interactions between employers, employees and the government, and the institutions and associations through which such interactions are mediated. Industrial relation ir, characteristics, objectives. Generally, an ebook can be downloaded in five minutes or less.

The field of industrial relations looks at the relationship between management and workers, particularly groups of workers represented by a union. The text apprises the reader with the intricacies of the various concepts. Establish machinery for presentation and settlement of industrial disputes. Approaches used to define industrial relations 2 ddefinitions that seek to include all matters contained in the first three definitions within other terms. History and background of industrial relations management essay. Apr 19, 2017 the 4th industrial revolution is coming in the form of a digital revolution following similar disruptions by the introduction of the steam engine, electricity, and the microprocessor and asia will experience it uniquely, haupter believes. There will always be conflict in businesses and successful organizations develop effective. Good industrial relations improve the morale of the employees and motivate the worker workers to work more and better. Industrial relations pertain to the study and practice of collective bargaining, trade unionism, and labormanagement relations. Free free industry powerpoint template is categorized under categories. In this live grade 12 business studies show we take a close look at industrial relations.

Download presentations manchester industrial relations. This textbook, organised into two parts and comprising 20 chapters, maintains the fundamental concepts of industrial relations and labour legislation in a chronological order. Industrial relations introduction sound industrial relations and effective social dialogue are a means to promote better wages and working conditions as well as peace and social justice. Pdf industrial relations and productivity in the u. Dominant aspects of industrial relations in industrial. It is an extensive subject and i am sure it cannot be completed thru one ppt. Employee relations mike leat is currently the head of the hrs, operations management and business strategy group in the business school at the university of plymouth. Direct regulation of terms and conditions of employment. Chapter 1 theories and concepts used to analyse industrial relations approaches used to define industrial relations 1 institutionalbased definitions. Industrial relations ir news and updates workplaceinfo.

Rahuls noteblog notes on industrial relations concept, scope and objectives of industrial relations. Industrial relation ppt free download as powerpoint presentation. Try the latest version of chrome, firefox, edge or safari. This article explores the effects on employees of cooperation and conflict the workplace, outlining six workplace types.

Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. To view, save and print microsoft word, excel and powerpoint files you will need either microsoft office, or the free microsoft office online viewers, installed on your computer. Industrial relation system a sound industrial relations system is one in which relationships between management and employees and their representatives on the one hand, and between them and the state on the other, are more harmonious and cooperative than conflictual and creates an environment conducive to economic efficiency and the motivation. In a broad sense, the term industrial relations includes the relationship between the various unions, between the state and the unions as well as those between the various employers and the. Introduction to industrial employee relations approaches to conflict resolution key stages in successful change management process of change employee participation and industrial democracy. As i am extremely motivated with interaction from citehr members now i am posting another ppt on industrial relations all the members. It is the industry, which provides the environment for industrial relations. An ebook reader can be a software application for use on a computer such as. Approaches used to define industrial relations 2 ddefinitions that seek to. D ownload free industry powerpoint templates design now and see the distinction.

Click download or read online button to get introduction to industrial relations book now. The key factors driving the growth of this market include the increased need for industrial valves from oil and gas productionrelated facilities in gcc countries. Industrial and use the following tags construction green industry logistic logistics machine machinery. The essence of industrial or organizational relationship lies in the fact that both employees and employers engage and collaborate to drive and maximize productivity.

To view, save and print microsoft word, excel and powerpoint files you need an. Ppt industrial relations management powerpoint presentation. You have taken a lot of effort to prepare these slides. Industrial relation management pondicherry university. May 07, 2014 industrial peace helps in promoting cooperation and increasing production. Industrial relations look at the relationship between management and workers, particularly groups of workers represented by a union.

Unit 1 conceptual aspects of industrial relation 6 unit 2 parties to the industrial relations 22 unit 3 trade union movement in india 30 unit 4 trade union movements abroad 63. Pdf industrial relations and labour welfare sawmya. Digital transformation and the 4th industrial revolution. Influencer relations email diagram powerpoint slide show, industrial relations and human resource management example ppt design, puzzle connected business powerpoint template 0810, management. The system requirements for powerpoint templates are. Industrial relations and labour legislation sharma on. See the latest news updates on industrial relations in hr management here, covering industrial action, unions, documentation and more. Industrial relations in emerging economies work in progress. As instruments of good governance they foster cooperation and economic performance, helping to create an enabling environment for the realization. Select save link as or download link to disk and save the file in your preferred location. Rahuls noteblog notes on industrial relations definition and evolution of industrial relations. Our site is great except that we dont support your browser. The content slides have a white overlay for text readability. Oct 23, 2012 approaches used to define industrial relations 2 ddefinitions that seek to include all matters contained in the first three definitions within other terms.

By using our presentation template with both internal and external audiences, you help to ensure that our stakeholders will have a positive and uniform experience of our brand, reinforcing that our work supports the common goals of hydro, and is part of a collective body of work that comes from one institution. Where there are disputes between employers and employees, there should be mechanisms for reaching just solutions which protect the rights of both. Technology and industrial relations automation industrial. Working life industrial relations industrial relations is the relationship which exists between employers and employees. In the private sector, particularly in service and software sector, the new, young. Problem and prospect of industrial relation in public sector enterprise 106 development and social change. Chart and diagram slides for powerpoint beautifully designed chart and diagram s for powerpoint with visually stunning graphics and animation effects. Our new crystalgraphics chart and diagram slides for powerpoint is a collection of over impressively designed datadriven chart and editable diagram s guaranteed to impress any audience. Industrial relations are the relationships between employees and employers within the.

Industrial relation is one of the important problems for the success of a firm. Industrial labour relations industrial relations, definition and concept industrial relations is that aspect of management which deals with the manpower of the enterprisewhether machine operator, skilled worker or manager. Industrial relation means the relationship between employers and employees in course of employment in industrial organisations. How iot will drive the fourth industrial revolution zdnet. Industrial relations powerpoint template sketchbubble. In india, the public sector came in to being with the adoption of industrial policy resolution of 1948, which laid down that industries of basic and strategic importance or in the nature of public utility service. Industrial relations concepts in the usa jack barbash this paper is an effort at a synthesis of industrial relations concepts in the united states. Industrial relations international labour organization. He has been involved with and in employee relations for most of his working life, both as an academic and.

It would be very useful to everyone especially those who are in. Industrial management core study material pdf download. Downloading and viewing documents queensland industrial. The leading concepts are structured in a sort of logic or. A unique moment in history has begun as iot and the fourth industrial revolution combine to evolve and shift the landscape of manufacturing. The staff employed in the industrial relations department should know the limitations within which it has to function. Download industrial powerpoint templates and slide designs for presentations. So the focus of industrial relations is on the study of the attitudes, relationships, practices and procedures developed by the contending parties to resolve or at least minimize conflicts. Before organising a strike or any other form of industrial action a trade union must follow the rules set out in the industrial relations act 1990.

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